Remake Your Car With Auto Collision Repair in Newport News, VA

The most important thing after any car accident is to make sure everyone in the involved vehicles is in good shape and unhurt. Contacting emergency medical care is of prime consideration as is making sure there does not exist a situation that can harm pedestrians or other motorists on a busy thoroughfare. After that, taking care of the damages that has occurred should be next on your list of priorities. Auto Collision Repair Services in Newport News, VA should always be performed by a team of professionals that can make sure your car is working to the best and safest of its abilities. There are many amateurs that say they can attempt your Auto Collision Repair in Newport News, VAbut they may not have the correct equipment or facilities to get the job done right.

One look at the website for Bruce’s Super Body Shops online at can show you how repairing any automobile after an accident should be done. First they will provide you with an estimate on the damage incurred, free of charge and in writing. This is essential when dealing with both your insurance company and the insurance company of a party that may be liable for your damages. As professionals in the field, they can also give you a timetable for these repairs to be done, giving you advance notice on what car rental or transportation arrangements you may need to make and for how long.

Their repair team can take care of your damage claim no matter what the make, model or year of your vehicle. As it often happens, windows are broken or cracked during an accident or act of vandalism. Broken glass or windshields can also be repaired at their facilities as well, making their company location a one stop shop to repair any and all vehicle accident damage. Maintaining their highest level of professionalism, their team members can respond to your questions on a twenty four hour, seven day a week basis. It is just another facet of how they will work with you to repair your car and get your back on the road safely.


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