RV Rental Services in Indianapolis, IN Permit People to Enjoy Camping Activities

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Autos

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If you want to experience camping, then you need to know the right RV dealer to call. Some rental offerings allow you to camp in a rented RV in one of a dealer’s RV parks. Therefore, the dealer sets up and provides the campsite at no extra charge.

You can also rent an RV to travel the U.S. Either way, RV rental services in Indianapolis, IN enable you to experience camping and do so affordably. That is because you can choose from one of several kinds of rentals, any of which are designed to suit a person’s budget and lifestyle camping needs.

Pop-up Model RVs

One of the lower-priced RV rental services includes pop-up RVs. Pop-ups range in size from 19 feet to 24 feet and are featured as new units. You can sleep as many as five people in the smaller pop-up design and as many as eight people in the larger pop-up. You can also choose from travel trailers with ultra-lightweight designs. These trailers are 16 feet to 17 feet long and weigh less than 3,000 pounds.

Regular Travel Trailers

Regular travel trailers featured by such dealers as The RV Lifestyle are 28 feet to 34 feet in length and come in various floorplans. These configurations make the trailers ideal selections for group travel or for larger families. Units weigh at least 5,500 pounds.

Fifth-Wheel RVs

Fifth wheels are a popular choice for vacationers who wish to schedule long-term stays at campgrounds. These types of RVs feature a great deal of storage and home-like amenities. In addition, you can choose from a variety of floorplans for your camping needs.

RV rental services include motorhomes in their lineup of travel trailers as well. These Class A and Class C units are ideal to use on camping trips that are of a long duration and lead to destinations in more remote areas.

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