Saving on Car Rental in Honolulu

There are a lot of reasons to rent a car: going on vacation, your car being in for repairs, or you just want to drive something different for a few days. When renting a vehicle, keep in mind these five things that the car rental company won’t necessarily tell you.

Saturday’s the Best Day to Rent

This is one of the most closely held secrets in the car rental industry; Saturday is the day everybody says they’re going to rent a car, and bookings are made-but no one shows up. Opt for the lowest-tier Car Rental on the list; when you actually do show up, you have a good chance of grabbing a free upgrade or a lower price on your rental.

You Probably Don’t Need the Insurance Offered by the Agent

First things first: It’s not really insurance, it’s a waiver that absolves you of liability in case of an accident. Car Rental Honolulu companies make a lot of money selling that insurance, more than they do from the actual rental. Rental counters not only try to sell you comprehensive and collision coverage, they try to sell you coverage for your personal belongings as well. You don’t have to buy the coverage just because it’s offered especially if you’re covered under your own policy.

Extra Drivers = Extra Money

You have to list everyone who’s going to be driving, or they won’t be covered under insurance. If the extra driver is a spouse or domestic partner, they’re likely covered for free, but you still have to put them on the list.

Book Directly at the Rental Counter

Alternatively, call the rental location to do your booking. You want to talk to an actual person where you’ll be renting your vehicle, and you should avoid the airport rental counter if you want to save money. In those cases, it’s a lot cheaper to take a taxi into town and rent somewhere else.

Document Everything

When picking up your rental car, bring a digital camera that has a time and date stamp. That way, you have proof of any damage and protection should the rental company try to blame you.

Renting a car is usually a straightforward process, but there are still some “secrets” to be aware of. By following the tips listed above, you can get the rental car you need without putting too much of a ding in your wallet.


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