Seeking an Auto Parts Store in Sacramento? Choose Us!

AutoGator is dedicated to streamlining your online experience. This Northern California company aspires to give all customers personalized, automotive solutions. For more than three decades, AutoGator has served the community with infallible expertise in the used car parts industry. We strive to be the best auto parts store in Sacramento. Each of our team members is uniquely qualified to address all of your used parts concerns. We offer a number of convenient resources to assist each of your requests. There are a few solid reasons why we are the preferred option for salvaged and used auto parts.


Why Choose Us?


Your search for an auto parts store in your area is now complete. Simply conduct a fast and convenient online search to locate the equipment you are looking for, or rummage through our vast collection of salvaged auto parts. You may also submit an auto parts request online by specifying your preferences and car model. As you can see, we aim to enhance your customer experience by giving you these alternatives.


Our personable staff is partly responsible for our high customer service ratings. We do not sit conveniently behind the comfort of a computer screen. We encourage customers to visit us in person as well.


We also have used car experts available at your disposal during our open office hours. Every person appointed to our team is sufficiently skilled in used and salvaged auto parts. If you require a more individualized approach to resolving your car needs, then you can speak to a seasoned professional.


The hallmark of any great auto parts store in Sacramento in this industry is customer rapport and loyalty. Our staff believes consumer relationships are of paramount importance. Our staff is intently dedicated to improving every customer’s experience.


We are staunch believers in cost effective pricing options. We assure our customers that our products are both affordable and quality, as well. In fact, we celebrate the commitment that we uphold to our customers. By aiming to sell only high quality used parts, we can better your experience.


We provide alternatives adaptable to every lifestyle. If you decide, you may have your items shipped. Our shipping options enable you to improve your car’s performance with the click of a button.


We are located in a relatively large facility. This extra square footage ensures that we can serve a variety of car makes, models and years, as well.


Our Mission


Our overarching mission is to buy quality vehicles, sell quality used vehicles and resolve your auto concerns by imparting to you the convenience of a vast auto parts selection. If you are interested in these services, visit


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