Selling Your Vehicle to Junk Cars in Oak Lawn

When removing vehicles from your property you want to make sure you have all the correct paperwork that Junk Cars Oak Lawn requires. This paperwork shows that you are the legal owner of the car so you have the right to sell it on. This paperwork is called a certificate of title or just title; some also call it a pink slip. This title has all the information about the car; this includes vehicle identification number make and year. It has the license plate number and it will hold all the information of the owner; address and their name. When you get your car removed from your property you will need to hand over the title to the driver so they can put the car into the company’s name thus removing your name.

Keep in mind when selling your car to Junk Cars Oak Lawn there shouldn´t be any outstanding payments on the vehicle. A junkyard will not take on the payments so you will need to keep the vehicle on your property or in a storage area until the loan is paid off. If you are unable to provide a title for the vehicle you can order a replacement but speak with the representative from the junkyard as you may not need to show a title if the vehicle is truly not road worthy and can only be used for parts.

In many cases vehicles are not road worthy and will need to be picked up and delivered to the junkyard. Junk Cars Oak Lawn will come and recover the vehicles as part of the service to you. To find out if there would be any charge for the truck and driver to collect the vehicle just ask the representative at the office. If you can drive it to the junkyard then if there is a charge for a driver and truck you can save some money by driving it yourself. Make sure you bring a friend with a car so you don´t have to take a long walk home. If a driver picks up the vehicle then the amount that was agreed upon for the vehicle will be brought to you and if you drive it to the junkyard then you can pick up the cheque from the office when you supply all the paperwork. Make sure you hand over the keys to the vehicle when doing the transactions, you won´t be using them anymore. It can be an easy mistake when you get out of the car to slip the keys in your pocket and forget them, also if a driver picks up the vehicle make sure they get the keys.

When all the transactions are finished, whether you are at the office of the junkyard or if the junkyard sends you a truck to pick up the vehicle, make sure you receive a bill of sale from the junkyard. This ensures that everything was done correctly and you do not own the vehicle anymore.

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