SEO Tips for Automotive Business Websites

When it comes to making your own website, there are several goals you need to keep in mind, especially when working in the automotive industry and dealing with SEO for auto dealerships. One is drawing more traffic to your site, two is making profits, and three is getting people to come back to your site again and again. Here are some ways a good SEO strategy can help you to reach these goals:


  • Make sure that the code for your auto dealership site is as clean as possible. The best SEO sites are designed so that the data spiders can crawl quickly and hit on the keywords so that your site shows up in the search engine results. Keep away from long complex codes and tags when working on the design and layout for your site. Keep things simple and clean so visitors can browse your car listings and services easily. The more streamlined your site is the better; because it will help you to get and keep more visitors.


  • The construction and layout of each individual page of your site is important too. Headers on each page need to contain strong Meta tags. These descriptive tags need to contain important keywords and be located near the top of the page. Your keywords are some of the most important words on your website, so you want to make sure they stand out and are easy to find. Images are also important, especially for auto dealerships and sales teams.


  • As quickly as possible, you need to let your website viewers know what you are about. This means that the keywords need to be mentioned early on in any web content that is posted. Use CSS positioning if it looks like there is a lot of code piled up before the main section of the website. This will help get things in the right order for the SEO searches, and will give you better results from customers who search for auto dealers and services in your area.


  • Closely analyze your content management system. If you don’t have an SEO-friendly design for your website, things can be a lot more difficult when it comes to recoding, SEO placement, and web searches on your site.


There are many great options out there for SEO for auto dealerships, so hire a company that can more than meet your needs. Trust the experts at iPitCrew to take your automotive business to new heights on the web!


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