Shopping for a Used Nissan Near South Holland Unearths a Datsun Connection

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Car Dealer

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Men and women shopping for a sporty-looking coupe may discover their options from U.S. manufacturers becoming increasingly limited. Those companies have been focusing a great deal on the strong demand for sport utility vehicles, crossovers and pickup trucks. Some attractive options are available from other manufacturers, however. Consumers might shop for an used Nissan Near South Holland that was built in the past few years.

Nissan and Datsun

Many people don’t realize that the Nissan brand used to be called Datsun. Because the brand name was changed in 1986, younger adults may generally be unfamiliar with it. Datsun was recognized for sporty two-door cars, although it also produced four-door sedans.

Datsun never made sport utility vehicles. However, today, Nissan produces several SUVs and crossovers. It also manufactures two pickup truck designs under the name Titan. Of course, those aren’t suitable for someone looking for a relatively small coupe. The vehicles are popular among a large number of consumers, though. People interested in any of these automobiles may shop for a used Nissan near South Holland.

Today’s Market

Nissan has revived the Datsun name but isn’t selling those new vehicles in the United States. Instead, it’s only selling them in emerging markets and developing countries.

Checking Inventory

Dealerships provide online lists of their inventory for both new and pre-owned vehicles. Men and women might decide to buy something now or wait until a specific make and model arrives on the lot. To view the inventory at 94 Nissan of South Holland, check out

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