Side Loader Truck Advantages in Garbage Collection

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Auto Insurance

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The wave of the future is on the fast track towards automation, and finding a more efficient way to perform the necessary function of garbage collection is no exception. A side loader truck is beginning to shine as the new choice for cities and municipalities who are looking to streamline operations and cut overhead costs.

No More Collection Crews

One of the biggest advantages to using a side loader truck is the decrease in personnel needed to complete the route. With these types of trucks, all functions performed by the driver easily from inside the cab. There is no longer any need to have two or three-person crews working each route. The mechanical arm on the side of the truck is operated by controls inside the cab, lifting the refuse bins from the street, depositing the waste inside the truck, and returning the container to the ground.

Decrease in Lost Work Time

Lifting requires a certain process to be done correctly, and one wrong move can cause agonizing injuries which may mean the end of a worker’s career. With all operations now performed simply from the manipulation of a control lever or joystick in the cab, there will be no more strain-type injuries to workers, who formerly had to physically lift each refuse container. This means a decrease in time lost for workers and in claims made under worker’s compensation for injuries. This will result in a significant savings for collection companies over the long-term.

Increased Productivity

During inclement weather, it can be difficult for workers to move around efficiently and safely on the street. With the use of a side loader truck, all of the work is performed by the hydraulic arm, which is completely unaffected by external weather factors or conditions. This will result in entire routes of collection being completed in quicker periods of time, further saving costs on personnel, fuel, and wear-and-tear on the entire fleet. With the time saved on run times, this also means more work can be done in less time, potentially leaving the door open to combine routes.

Overhead interference, narrow streets, and alleyways have long been a difficult puzzle piece for operators of waste collection trucks. Many man hours have been wasted attempting to correctly navigate the difficulties of the landscape found on the streets in the average city. By using an arm which loads from the side, many of these challenges are effectively circumvented, resulting in increased safety for civilians, vehicles parked on the street, buildings, and also allowing for a tighter adherence to deadlines. Additionally, the truck’s center of gravity is much more stable, resulting in greater safety during off-loading at dump sites.

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