Signs Of Problems With Auto Batteries

While many people may experience a sudden inability to start their vehicle because of a dead battery, they have often overlooked or misunderstood the warning signs of impending disaster.

The good news is that you can easily learn to detect the early signs of problems with auto batteries. These subtle and sometimes misunderstood signs will give you time to service the battery or replace your vehicle battery if it is getting close to the end of its life cycle.

Turning the Key

When you find you are turning the key longer and holding it in the ignition position before the engine starts, you are experiencing one of the warning signs for auto batteries. This often means that the battery is not charging or holding the charge.

At some point in time, the reserve capacity of the battery will not be enough to get the entire to start. This will be more pronounced in cold weather, but it can even occur on a beautiful sunny day.

Bigger Bulging Battery

When auto batteries swell, or seem to bulge on one or both sides, it is an issue with overheating. This can occur for several reasons but will typically result in reducing the fluid levels in the cells, also contributing to early battery failure.

If your battery seems to be rounded rather than square, take it in to be checked or completely replace the battery. This can occur because of other problems as well, which can also result in problems with the performance of the car.

No Charge

If your battery is fully charged at night but has no charge in the morning, it may be a battery problem or an electrical system problem with the vehicle. Having the battery checked will eliminate the most obvious issue and then allow you to check more complicated possible issues if it doesn’t correct the problem.

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