Signs You Need To Get Your Oil Changed

Mechanics often disagree about how often you need to get your car’s oil changed. Some say you need to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Others say that you can wait a little longer. However, there are many signs that you may notice if your car needs an oil change.

Dark and Dirty Oil

You can tell whether you need an oil change by looking at the oil. New motor oil has a bright amber color. The oil becomes darker as it gets older. The build up of residue causes the oil to become darker. It is time for oil changes Davenport IA if the oil is a dark color.

Increased Engine Noise

Oil is designed to lubricate the engine so that the parts can work together. If the oil is low or poorly textured, then your engine will make a lot of noise. You may notice that your engine makes a knocking noise while you drive. You may also notice a ticking noise when you turn on the car.

Burnt Oil Smell

If you notice that the interior cabin of your car has a burning oil smell, then it is time for an oil change. This is likely caused by an oil leak. The engine will also overheat if the oil is low. Make sure that you take care of the leak as soon as possible.

More Mileage Than Usual

You may not notice anything wrong, but it may still be time for an oil change. If you just got back from a long trip, then your oil probably needs to be changed. It is also a good idea to get the oil changed before you go on a long trip.

If you need oil changes Davenport IA, then you will need to contact Bi-State Auto Service Center.


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