Staying Safe When Waiting For Auto Towing Services Richmond VA

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Auto Repair

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If someone has a mishap on the road, whether a flat tire, fender-bender, or no-gas situation, they will most likely need to call for Auto Towing Services Richmond VA to come to the rescue. When waiting for a tow truck to arrive there are several safety precautions that can be taken. Here are some of the ways a driver can protect themselves while waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

The vehicle should be pulled as far from the road, along the shoulder, as possible to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic. If the incident occurs during daytime hours, putting the four-way flashers on will help to alert other motorists that the vehicle is in distress. If the incident occurs during nighttime hours, another motorist may think the four-way flashers mean a slow-moving vehicle. This could cause the vehicle to become hit if it was not able to be moved from the road. Instead, putting the interior light on will help alert other motorists.

It is best for all people in the vehicle to stay inside while waiting for help. This will ensure they are not hit by someone passing by. The doors can be locked and if someone comes to the vehicle trying to offer help, the driver can roll down the window an inch or two to tell them they had already called for a tow truck. It is a good idea to alert the police about the vehicle’s status so they can make periodic checks to make sure a tow truck shows up. They can also help to direct traffic if the vehicle could cause an accident to others due to its positioning on the road.

If someone calls for Auto Towing Services Richmond VA, they can ask for further tips in keeping safe on the road while waiting for the truck to arrive. Calling a service like Bruce’s Super Body Shops will ensure quick service will be dispatched to the vehicle in distress. The truck will then bring the vehicle back to their shop to be assessed for damage. The customer can then decide what action to take in having the repairs made.

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