Staying Safe When Waiting For Towing Services

When someone is in need of a tow truck, safety may become an issue. This is especially true if the vehicle had broken down in an unfamiliar area. There are several steps one can take to increase their safety while waiting on Towing Services.


It is best for everyone to wait inside the vehicle. This will keep them safe from oncoming traffic while waiting for a truck to come to their rescue. When waiting, if it is daytime, the four-way flashers should be put on to alert other motorists that there is a vehicle in distress in the area. If it is nighttime, it is best not to use these lights because people may think it is just a vehicle driving slowly, possibly putting it at risk for being hit. Instead, quickly get out of the vehicle and raise the hood to alert motorists that the vehicle is in need of help. Put on the interior light as well.


Getting the vehicle as far off the road as possible is best. Bring the vehicle to the shoulder so it is not in the way of oncoming traffic. If the vehicle had stalled in a parking lot, opening the hood will alert others that the vehicle cannot be moved, so others do not line up behind it waiting for it to move.


If someone comes up to the vehicle asking if they can help, politely inform them that the police and a tow truck are on their way. This will protect the people in the vehicle from theft as the person would most likely not stick around to see if police do indeed show up. Make sure to roll down the window only an inch or two when answering. If possible, call the police to alert them of the vehicle so they can help direct traffic or check on the vehicle periodically.


If someone needs Towing Services to remove their vehicle from the roadway, they can take a look online or call a reputable service in the area. Calling a tow service like USA Towing & Recovery will ensure someone retrieves the vehicle promptly at an affordable price. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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