Steps before Buying a Used Car

In recent times, not every car bought is new. Many individuals nowadays are opting to buying used cars over new ones as a way to save money. But before you buy your next used car, there are a few steps to take to make sure you are getting the best deal. Some of these steps should be done at home while others are done once you find a used auto deal in Akron.

1. Know the Car

When you are looking into purchasing a used car, do some of your own research into what you want and what it should cost. Websites like can help you get a better understanding of how much others paid for the same car you are interested in. This also helps when discussing the car with the dealership and the negotiation process.

2. Look at Your Finances

Before you can step into any dealership, figure out your own price variety of what you can and can’t afford. This includes talking to your bank about possible loans or negotiating with the dealership for a preferred price. Don’t forget that some dealerships have fees for using their services so be sure to discuss all cost breakdowns before continuing.

3. Looking at the Cars

When you have decided on a used car you would like to purchase, make sure to run a history report. A vehicle history report will show you all of the car’s past damages and replacements. In order to run a report you need the car’s VIN number so ask the dealer or seller for this information. Besides running a history report also have the car inspected so that there is no missed damaged that went unreported.

4. Test Drive

Just as you would with a brand new car, you should always test drive a used car. This helps not only to get a good feel for how the car drives but it will also help to show if there are any auditory problems with the car.

5. Ownership

You have decided on a used car you are interested in, the only thing you need to do now is negotiate a price and acquire the title of the car. This is important because receiving the title of the car limits the possibility of there being a loan or a lien on the car that would otherwise prevent you from being coming the new owner. This is also a good point in time to ask about the car’s warranty. This could either be the car’s manufacturer’s warranty or a third parties’ which can help you decide if that is a car you would like.

If you have done the research and are comfortable taking the next steps in finding your used car, contact used auto dealers in Akron, like Squared Auto.


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