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by | Mar 25, 2014 | Auto body repair

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Accidents create multiple problems for Lubbock area drivers. Not only is it inconvenient for vehicle owners to be without their car or truck, drivers must also deal with body shops, car rental agencies and insurance companies. For many, that translates to higher stress levels and the need to take time away from work or family requirements. Dealing with a top quality body shop can quickly reduce those stress levels.


Area auto body repair specialists like Texas Body and Frame (Texasbody.com) are dedicated to helping clients get their vehicles back on the road quickly, but they also know that having all repairs completed properly the first time is just as important to their clients. To accomplish that goal, professionals ensure all steps of the repair process are completed in their shop. Some shops routinely farm out frame work or other steps to other shops, which creates issues about the quality of final repairs. It also tends to stretch the amount of time an owner is without his or her vehicle. Top shops complete all phases of the repair on-site to make sure client interests are met.


Modern automobiles are complex, requiring that damaged vehicles be carefully repaired before they are returned to the road. Being even a fraction of an inch out of factory specifications can cause problems. To prevent long-term issues, modern full-service auto body shops use specialized equipment like computerized frame laser scanners to ensure every repaired vehicle is safe to drive and meets manufacturerers’ requirements.


Quality painting is also crucial for owner satisfaction, and better shops use high-tech equipment to properly match every vehicle’s color. Poor paint repairs are constant reminders of the vehicle’s involvment in an accident, and also prove detrimental when a vehicle is traded or sold. Lubbock area professionals take pride in clients not being able to tell the difference between newly painted panels and the remainder of the vehicle.


Insurance companies are often the bane of drivers seeking quality repairs. Texas Body and Frame works with clients’ insurance companies to make sure all paperwork is properly completed, relieving drivers of the need to constantly negotiate with carriers. Drivers needing auto body repairs should always seek out shops that take the extra steps to guarantee every customers’ happiness with their repaired vehicles. Visit website for more information.



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