The Ride You Need with Truck Alignment in Reading, PA

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Auto Repair

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When it comes to running smoothly and keeping your truck moving straight and under control, it’s important to have a good working relationship with experts in truck alignment services. Not only will you benefit from their experience and skills but they’ll use the most up-to-date equipment and technology to give you the results that you need in a short time and at a competitive price.

Exacting Standards

When your truck is your business, it’s essential for this equipment to work as it should. Trust your vehicle to a proven leader in truck alignment in Reading, PA. They will guarantee the accuracy of the work performed on your truck. They’ll make sure that caster, camber, toe, tracking, and adjustment are all held to the most exacting standards for a complete alignment job.

You can also depend on these professionals to give you the safety and comfort that you want by having tires trued and balanced. It’s essential to keep each tractor/trailer maintained at the highest level to ensure efficient delivery of cargo and to protect everyone on the road. You don’t have to put up with shaking and shimmying as you drive. Let the specialists slowly rotate the tire and wheel assembly and then shave off irregular spots with a precise high-speed blade.

Smooth Ride

Tire truing is a proven method for maximizing tire wear and performance and helping you enjoy a comfortable ride in combination with truck alignment. It’s also important for your tires to be professionally balanced using both high-speed spin balancing and Equal tire balancing. The process of balancing involves the tire, the wheel, the brake drum, and the hub assembly and gives you a definite advantage over tire and wheel balancing only.

What you receive is the best result you can expect – accuracy. When you talk to a representative about your specific truck needs, be sure to ask about Equal balancing. This process uses a plastic granular material to free-float in the tire. Contact us today.

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