Tips for picking the right automobile dealer

The internet is a powerful tool; it makes researching cars simple, far more so than in the past. Start with the manufacturer’s web site for specs, swing your attention to recognized review sites that have no axe to grind, they review vehicles and say it the way it is.


Now turn your attention to the used Honda dealer in Michigan that serves your area. Researching the car is simple and straight forward, it is often more difficult to choose the dealer. Do not lose sight of the fact that it is the dealer that gives you the deal; it is the dealer that stands behind the cars he sells, it is the dealer that looks after service and repairs, these things have nothing to do with the manufacturer or the web sites you have visited.


Tip 1: Stick with a used Honda dealer in Michigan that is reasonably local to your home. The most important thing to any dealer is his reputation, without positive word of mouth advertising the dealer will not get the sale, repeat sales or service and repair.


Tip 2: Always check with the local Better Business Bureau, see if there are any issues that are outstanding. Many people forget that the BBB is there to help them; they hold a great deal of information on local businesses. Keep asking around, ask your neighbors, people you work with and family members if they have had any experience with the dealer you are considering and if they have, were they good?


Tip 3: When you visit the used Honda dealer in Michigan do not be obnoxious. The old saying ‘you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar” is really true. Be friendly to the people working in the dealership but at the same time maintain a professional approach. You are about to spend a considerable amount of money, the sales executive you are dealing with is no different than you, he too appreciates being treated with respect, often this tact leads to a better price. Although you have done your homework, you have researched the vehicle to get this far, you have yet to take the all important test drive. If you don’t like your first choice, ask the sales exec about alternatives and begin again. As you now have had a positive experience with the dealer you can now focus exclusively on the vehicles that are available.


In a nutshell; stay close to home, check with others that have had experiences with the used Honda dealer in Michigan you are considering and be firm but friendly in your dealings.


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