Top Quality Rear Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Automobile

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Looking for top quality Rear Loader Garbage Trucks? RDK has exactly what you need with numerous models in stock with the latest equipment at affordable prices. Rear Loader Garbage Trucks are specially designed with their rear loader mechanism made to fit into places that front or side loaded trucks just couldn’t reach without great difficulty. So in order to meet customer needs and provide the best possible service, RDK has various models in supply, adapted to fit the customer’s needs whether personal or professional. Here, we will take a look at a couple of these models to show you what RDK has to offer.

2014 FORD Rear Loader

The first on our list is the latest and most up-to-date of the Rear Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale RDK has in stock. This one has all the latest equipment for your garbage hauling needs. With its rear loader, specially made to lift heavy trash or other loads, the 2014 Ford Rear Loader is the top of line for Ford, a company that has made many such models and now presents this truly great upgrade. Though small, it is capable of compacting a lot more trash than would seem possible. RDK provides an excellent stock with this added in.

2007 Autocar Rear Loader

Next up, we have the 2007 Autocar Rear Loader of all the Rear Loader Garbage Trucks that RDK has in stock. This is one of the biggest and toughest trucks out there. The 2007 Autocar Rear Loader is a heavy hauling truck that can put to shame lesser quality garbage trucks in its capacity both for compacting the trash and for the amount that it can contain in its rear compact center.

2006 PETERBILT Rear Loader

The third truck on our list is the 2006 PETERBILT Rear Loader. This is a slightly older model that has proven its worth by having a reputation as one of the most reliable Rear Loader Garbage Trucks that RDK has in its supply. This a bigger and more heavy truck capable of compacting large amounts of waste and is good for both private usage and for those seeking a truck capable of heavy lifting, loading and transporting large loads of garbage.

2005 MACK Rear Loader

Last up on our list is the 2005 MACK Rear Loader, the famous Mack company’s model for 2005. For Rear Loader Garbage Trucks, this cannot be beat in terms of heavy hauling and loader strength and durability. This is also one of the cheaper models that are more easily afforded by those on a tighter budget. For those bigger businesses looking for a deal, this is a steal in terms of its worth and the level of work that is puts out.

These are just a few of the outstanding RDK stock in terms of Rear Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale, though there are many more, as well as parts for repairing and upgrading.

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