Used Cars Olean NY – Things to Look For

Purchasing used cars is always a tricky affair. This is because it may not be easy to identify problems that the car may have. This is true even for experienced drivers taking the used car for a test drive. There are several problems in second hand cars that are serious and yet not easy to identify. It is therefore important to find out what you need to look for when you are searching for used cars Olean NY.

The best way to ensure that you are purchasing used cars in good condition is having them checked by a mechanic. However, this may cost you quite a sum and saving money is something we are all trying to do today. You can therefore save some money by carrying out the preliminary screening on your own and having the mechanic only check the vehicles that you have narrowed down your choices to.

Begin your preliminary examination of the used cars by checking their bodies. Walk around the car and have a look at its general appearance. Check for obvious faults such as dents, cracks in the glass, and scratches. Are there any missing wheel caps? Are the lights in good working condition or are the taillights hanging? These obvious faults are signs of what could be underneath the hood of the car. If the exterior is not cared for, it is more than likely that the interior of the car is not.

If you are satisfied with the general appearance of the vehicle, you can then proceed to have a closer look at the vehicle. This part of the inspection requires that you be very keen to notice the details. Take your time to check the paint job on the vehicle. There may be signs of an accident such as colors that are not matching in certain parts of the body.

Check the tires for wear. The tires on the car should wear out evenly. However, if the tires are unevenly worn there may be more serious problems with the used cars Olean NY. Uneven wearing of tires may be the result of imbalance or alignment problems. Point this out to the person selling the vehicle and find out if anything has been done to correct the problem.

One of the oldest tricks in the book of a used car salesperson is to hide a starting problem. They will start the car before you come for your test drive. Place your hand on the hood of the car. It should be cool to the touch (depending on the weather if purchasing from an open yard salesperson). A warm hood could be an indication of a cover up attempt by the car salesperson.


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