We Install Glass in Vintage or Antique Vehicles

Custom auto glass for Chicago vehicles is essential when you have an antique or vintage automobile. Automobile glass manufacturers make many sizes of vehicle windshields along with back and side windows, but you won’t find the correct size for rare automobiles. To have windows customized for a special vehicle, you must find an expert who can meet your requirements. While an older vehicle may have had glass that would break easily during a collision or that didn’t provide safety throughout a rollover, modern automobile glass offers these benefits.

Request Tinted Automobile Glass to Prevent Exposure to Sunlight

If you have a health condition that requires staying out of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, then you should consider having custom auto glass for Chicago automobiles. Tinted glass can protect you from the sunlight that causes medical issues, but you may need to have the windshields and other windows on a vehicle tinted by an expert to meet your specifications. In some cases, local governments don’t allow certain types of tinting on windows, or alternatively, you must have a permit to have darker windows.

Have Soundproof Windows Installed On Your Automobile

When you enjoy listening to loud music in your vehicle, you can’t disturb other people, but with custom auto glass, you can soundproof your automobile. This means that you can make noise without other people hearing it, and they can make noise without you hearing the sounds that they make. Acoustic custom auto glass for Chicago vehicles is also energy efficient, making it a great choice to save money while driving in cold or hot temperatures. Our automobile glass technicians can provide information on the prices of specialty windows for your vehicle. Contact Frank’s Auto Glass at our website.


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