What to look for when you buy new car tires

When the tires on your car have seen the end of their useful life, it is time to replace them. There are a few things you should know before you visit a tire dealer in Fargo ND, for instance, did you know there are tires that can increase your gas mileage? There are other tires that are designed for sustained high speed driving and others, which are just going to get you from A to B, safely.

There are a number of things that need consideration before you choose the next tires for your car:


Tires are not much different than your car, there are lots of features. There are tires that claim to decrease the stopping distance of your car, others that boast increased fuel economy, still others that claim that can continue to run even when punctured. Most people opt to replace their tires with a new set that meets the original factory spec tire, even if this is what you are going to do, it’s good to know the alternatives that are available.

The most popular tire is the “all-season tire.” These tires grip the road surface well and perform in most driving conditions. If you need a tire which has superior traction on wet roads or on snow and ice, they are available. Snow tires have a deep tread pattern that provides much better grip and traction in snow and on ice. Regardless of your needs, the tire dealer in Fargo ND will have what you want.


Tire manufacturers can provide an estimate of how long the tire should last but the true life expectancy is based on factors which are variable. If the roads you usually drive on are rough or full of curves, don’t expect to hit the average. The tire life is also impacted by the normal temperature of where they are used. The rough estimate for an all-season tire is between 40 and 100,000 miles. High-performance tires will only last at max; 70,000 miles and top-performance tires rarely will exceed 25,000 miles.


This is quite obvious, but you do need to know what the factory fitted tire size was and what the maximum size you can use on your vehicle. The suspension and the handling components are all designed with tire size in mind and changing the size will affect the car’s performance and handling characteristics. If you are thinking of changing the size, first consult with a tire expert.


Most car-related purchases have variable prices; tires are no different. Tires can be purchased on-line, but they need to be installed locally, check the cost of installation before you buy. Normally, if you purchase from a tire dealer in Fargo ND; installation, balancing and alignment are included.


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