Who Should Check Out the Nissan Maxima in Newark, NJ?

As you take the time to find your next vehicle to purchase, there are a few key reasons to check out the Nissan Maxima in Newark, NJ. First, this vehicle is designed to provide you with ample performance. It is a mid-sized car, but it performs like a sports car in many ways. When you want a top of the line vehicle that offers a wide range of features, this is a good option.

What You Can Expect from This Vehicle

As you take a look at all of the options available to you on the market in a mid-size vehicle, there are a few things that make the Nissan Maxima in Newark, NJ, a stand out option. First, this car has a powerful engine. While it still can get good fuel economy at 30 miles per gallon highway and 20 city, it can also get up to 300 horsepower. That means it can handle the type of conditions you want to take it on.

You can choose from several options in terms of the trim package. With high tech throughout all models, this is a four-door sports car like no other. It even offers the luxurious interior you are looking for in a high end model.

The Nissan Maxima in Newark, NJ, could be one of the best investments you make. To find out if it is right for you, visit a local dealership to take one out for the test drive.


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