Why Buy Cumberland MD Used Autos?

Many consumers in the Pittsburgh area have kept their vehicles for many more years than originally intended. For example, many motorists who used to keep their new vehicles for just three to four years before trading them in kept them for an additional three or four years. To their surprise, these vehicles are often still in good condition. Nevertheless, a lot of consumers get tired of driving the same vehicle for eight, nine, or ten years. They want to buy new vehicles. However, it may make much more sense to buy Cumberland MD used autos that are within the three years of the current model year. There are a number of reasons why it may make sense to buy used instead of new.

When a new vehicle is bought, the value depreciates by a significant amount as soon as the consumer drives it off the dealership lot. Reselling a used vehicle that has not been driven much will result in at least a 10% loss when trying to sell to a dealer or to a private buyer. The amount of depreciation that occurs during the first year is significant. As the vehicle gets older, the rate of depreciation slows down. Why pay for depreciation when a two year old vehicle is almost just as good as a brand new one? The discounted price on the used vehicle purchase also means paying less sales tax as well. Saving a lot of money is the primary reason why many consumers choose to buy Cumberland MD used autos.

While saving money is important, many consumers find peace of mind from being able to utilize the remaining portion of the new car warranty. Most vehicles are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the first 36,000 miles or 36 months, whichever comes first. Even though ownership of the car has changed, the new owner can utilize the remaining portion of the new car warranty in case there are major problems. This option is not available once vehicles are too old or have too many miles. Blue Knob Auto Sales often has vehicles that still have a portion of the new car warranty in effect.


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