Why is it Important to Not Put Off Transmission Repair in Bellbrook OH

A vehicle’s transmission is responsible for making sure that the right amount of power goes to the wheels when changing speeds. There are two types of vehicle transmissions, automatic and manual. Both serve the same purpose for a vehicle, however, they each work differently to obtain the same result.

How Transmissions Work

A vehicle’s transmission works in a similar fashion as a bicycle when shifting its gears. Below is a more in-depth explanation of how each style of transmission operates.

  • Automatic Transmissions

The automatic transmission shifts its gears automatically. Rather than having to manually shift the gears with a clutch, the automatic transmission does everything for the driver. For example, a vehicle in a lower gear may begin to struggle as it is pushed to higher speeds. An automatic transmission senses these changes as the vehicle accelerates, shifting the low gears, higher.

  • Manual Transmission

A manual transmission is also known as a stick shift. The driver is responsible for changing the gears while driving by using a shift lever and a clutch. When changing gears, the clutch disc needs to be released via a third pedal located on the left side of the vehicle’s brake pedal. The clutch is released in a slow manner so as to not stall the engine.


There may come a time when a driver may need Transmission Repair in Bellbrook OH. It is important that the driver does not put off the repairs, as doing so may lead to larger repairs and safety issues for the vehicle.

  • Grinding noise. A grinding noise that is present when the vehicle is shifting may be an indication of a mechanical failure or a lack of transmission fluid.
  • Burning smell. It is common to smell a burning smell when first learning to maneuver a manual transmission. However, a noticeable burning smell may also be an indication of a new clutch or a clutch adjustment.
  • Leaking fluid. Transmission fluid is a red color, making it easy to distinguish from other vehicle fluids. If there is a puddle of transmission fluid underneath the vehicle, it is important to contact an Automotive Repair Shop to resolve the problem.


Transmission Repair in Bellbrook OH is essential for maintaining the vehicle. It is important to not hesitate in seeking help from a mechanic. Contact a vehicle repair shop today for any questions or concerns about your vehicle’s transmission.


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