Why It Is Important To Use Auto Glass In Muskegon

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Automotive

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Did you know that there are several types of glass that are used in your vehicle to keep you safe? If you thought that your windshield was made up of the same materials as your back and side windows, you would be mistaken. For instance, the glass that goes into your side and back windows is treated approximately four or five times more than the other windows to give a measure of the utmost security. If you need new windows, consult a company for Auto Glass in Muskegon to make sure you are ordering or replacing with the right material.

For safety standards, you can reference visit us website to make sure you are getting what your specific car needs are. Using the glass in the side and back windows as an example, it is made of a tempered glass. Glass in general is made from sand and you get a simple glass component when you measure this sand to roughly 3,000 degrees. In order to get a tempered glass you then repeat this process four or five more times.

What this process does of heating the glass to such an extreme temperature, is makes it extremely sturdy if it were damaged. A simple glass can shatter and splinter into thousands upon thousands of shards. A tempered product creates bigger pieces that are less likely to be harmful because they will not disperse upon contact.

If you think that a tempered glass then would be sufficient for all your windows, imagine going through a windshield that will still break into big pieces of glass. For this type of glass, it is a sealed product. This way the glass is all contained upon impact so that the shards even in the roughest of circumstances will stay intact as to create the safest situation.

After time, seals may dry out and change the original form of any car and its dimensions. When you visit an Auto Glass in Muskegon company, they will remeasure your window for an accurate fitting. All glass is custom ordered as all seals and fittings to a car window change over time either from normal wear and tear, accidents adjusting the frame of the car, or simple differences made in the factory.

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