Winterize Your Car Rental in Covington, LA With These 4 Simple Tips

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Autos

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It’s almost winter. Nights are growing longer, and temperatures are dropping like stock prices. While everyone is busy rummaging through their closet for their favorite coats and scarves, car owners and renters have a much bigger concern. Winter is also when vehicle breakdowns are common. The freezing temperature can mess with a car’s engine, radiator, tires, and other parts. Here are a few tips for winterizing your car rental from Covington, LA.

Deeper tread and higher pressure for your tires

Tires tend to lose pressure when the temperature drops. Check if your tires are properly inflated every day before hitting the road, but keep the pressure at around 35 psi to avoid a blowout. Your tires must also have enough tread to handle skids and slides. Worn-out tires can burst when overused. Consider switching to winter tires before it starts snowing. It will be tricky to perform maintenance when it’s already freezing outside.

New wipers for snow and ice

The regular wipers your car has can only handle rainwater and dust. You need winter wipers to scrape off snow and ice. Don’t underestimate how quickly snow can obscure your vision. With suitable wiper blades, you can be sure your windshield will stay as clear as possible. But come spring, remember to switch back to regular windshield wipers. Winter wipers are heavy and can quickly wear out the wiper motor.

Basic servicing: cooling system, brakes, battery, belts, etc.

Depending on when you last took your car rental from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in for servicing, you need to be more thorough in tuning it up. The cooling system must work properly, or your cabin won’t get enough heat. This can be dangerous when you’re stuck outside in a blizzard. Clean the battery and check the connectors and cables for corrosion. The harsh battery fluid usually leaks out due to a lack of maintenance, causing the battery to lose power faster.

Clean the cabin to remove dust and grease

Winter can suck all the moisture in the air, which explains why you can feel parched, even if there’s snow everywhere. But once you’re inside your car and it’s warm, all that moisture melts and becomes liquid again. If your cabin is dusty and greasy, it will not feel comfortable at all. So before you get too excited about your first winter trip, clean your vehicle first. Wash the floor mat and vacuum the floor and seats. Remove all the stuff you don’t need and stash your winter supplies in the boot to free up cabin space.

Mind your speed and distance

Your vehicle’s state and longevity may also have to do with the way you drive. You’ll burn rubber fast and jeopardize your suspension if you’re reckless. Even if you’ve switched to winter tires, your car will wear out more quickly if you’re not careful. Also, to avoid accidents especially when you’re driving on a highway, keep enough distance from other vehicles. This will allow you to bring your car to a complete stop without hitting the car in front when making a sudden brake.

Winters will only get harsher due to climate change. Sadly, even the latest makes and models are not cut out for such conditions. Therefore, you must be proactive in maintaining your vehicle to maximize its performance and value. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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