Can-Am Spyder Parts and Accessories Help Owners Customize Their Ride

The Can-Am Spyder three-wheeled motorcycle is considered a sports touring roadster. It has become quite popular over the years. It was first produced in February 2007 by Bombardier Recreational Products. These motorcycles are also called trikes since they have three wheels.

Due to its popularity, owners like to customize their Spyder trikes using Can-Am Spyder parts and accessories. If you own a Can-Am Spyder, then look no further than to find all the best Can-Am Spyder parts and accessories for your motorcycle. There are lots of owners looking for ways to customize their Spyders. In 2015 there was a special Spyderfest to celebrate the 100,000th Spyder being made.

Four Models of Spyder Motorcycles Are Made

Four varying models of the Can-Am Spyder motorcycle can be purchased. These include the sporty Spyder RS series, which is built like a sports bike; the Spyder ST series, which is a hybrid sports/touring bike that has saddlebags and an upright seat.

The third model is the Spyder RT series, another touring option that also has saddlebags and a case on top. Lastly, there is the Spyder F3 series that is a sport cruising motorcycle with a 1300 cc engine and upright seat with feet forward facing. All of these have a trunk upfront, which is called a frunk.

Cops Have their Own Versions

Additionally, there is also a government version of the Spyder motorcycle, which is used by law enforcement. It came out in 2015. Two versions exist, a variation of the F3 called the F3-P, which adds lights, siren, quick pursuit ignition system, and a twelve volt and USB for gear. The other version is a remake of the RT series.

The Can-Am Spyder motorcycle is built with traction control, stability control, and antilock brakes for safety. In most states you need a motorcycle license to ride one, but in California and Delaware you only need your standard vehicle license.

Can-Am Spyder Parts and Accessories Include All Kinds of Products

Some of the Can-Am Spyder parts and accessories that are sold at include LED front fender marker lights, a chrome tour trunk rack, adjustable flip windshield, license plate frames, and flexible LED strip lights for the sides of the motorcycle.

So, if you own a Can-Am Spyder motorcycle and want to spruce up your ride, be sure to head to to take a look at all the Can-Am Spyder parts and accessories they have to offer. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.


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