Car Art- To wear your heart on your car

Car ArtCar art includes several means through which one can add a personal touch to their car. Right from the brand to the model and down to the color, there is a lot that reflects one’s personality in the car they pick, barring of course choices made for strictly financial reasons. It has been documented as a result of some social experiments that aggressive drivers tend to prefer SUVs to sedans and pick black over any other color. In contrast, red cars belong to dynamic, highly energetic people while car drivers with yellow four wheelers are extremely optimistic and of cheerful disposition.

When one isn’t able to buy a car that suits their fancy or personality, whatever be the case, out and out, they can conveniently opt for car art to make up for the loss. Painted fire, water, ice, interesting designs, much like body tattoos, are a great way to buff the car up and personalize it. A little tweak here and there, with vanity number plates which are banned in some parts of the world also makes for a smart means to this end. Tinted glasses, windows, car body patterns, interiors and their colors, everything blends in to contribute in their own way to support the owner’s persona.

Another reason why people opt to get their cars “decorated” is the sheer number of options available to them. Limited only by the customers’ imagination, anything feasible about the car can be conveniently changed to make way for something more compatible or preferable to the owners. There is little that is written in stone for people who have found a new way to get their way with their cars.

Car art is for sure, here to stay, what with stick on designs or simple patterns sprayed over the solid color. There is little that can stand in way of innovation on this front.


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