Extend the Life of That Automobile With Quality Car Service in Tulsa

by | May 16, 2017 | Auto Repair, Automobile

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The automobile is much more than a few pulleys and gears that drive the wheels. In fact, the modern automobile is an extremely complicated combination of mechanical and electronic components combined to make an efficient and powerful vehicle. Unfortunately, these components can wear out, and the best way to reduce the effect of this wear is with Car Service Tulsa. For instance, changing the engine oil and oil filter regularly will keep grime out of a vital lubrication system. This helps extend engine life because an internal combustion engine leaves minute traces of carbon inside the cylinder walls and the rings on the piston can scrape that carbon-free and into the oil. Plus, extended usage breaks down the oil, so it is not as effective as it once was.

There are at least two times each year when an automobile should have annual Car Service Tulsa. One of the more important ones for avoiding unexpected breakdowns is the spring checkup. This service should include checking the brakes, tires, belts, hoses and various fluid levels. These may seem like simple things, but low fluid levels can quickly affect engine operation or vehicle braking ability. Even worse, a low fluid level in an automatic transmission could result in costly repairs. Visually inspecting those belts and hoses is the best way to ensure they are not about to fail. If a coolant hose breaks, the engine will quickly lose antifreeze and run hot. This can literally destroy the engine if the heat buildup is severe. Excess heat can warp a cylinder head, blow out the head gasket or crack the engine block.

The other annual service is a winter checkup. Many automotive repair shops such as Tate Boys Tire & Service recommend this service more than any other because winter weather can be hard on a vehicle. One example of this is how a sharp drop in temperature can affect an already weakened battery. An old or weak battery can leave a person stranded or stop them from making it work. Winter is also the best time to change the engine coolant, so the coolant does not freeze. Coolant can break down as it ages and needs to be refreshed, but keeping it changed regularly will prevent corrosion inside the system and help that vehicle last longer. Get more information about vehicle services from the experts at website.

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