Individuals With Certain Disabilities May Still Qualify to Pass a CDL Test in Chicago

Can a disabled person acquire a commercial driver’s license and become an over-the-road truck driver? That usually depends on the nature of the disability. On the surface, the work may look relatively easy since it primarily involves driving. However, the job may require participation in loading and unloading cargo. Entry-level over-the-road jobs typically involve irregular work hours. In addition, driving a semi truck can be physically rigorous as well because of the need for manual shifting and managing a big rig.

The fundamental issues include whether the individual can handle the job and perform it safely. This is why certain health disorders disqualify people from holding a CDL. Someone with uncontrolled sleep apnea is a higher risk of an accident because these individuals sleep poorly and tend to be drowsy when they should be fully alert. A person with uncontrolled high blood pressure is at greater risk of a heart attack or stroke, which could occur while driving.

These health problems aren’t generally considered physically disabling, but they still disqualify someone from being a semi truck driver. However, what about someone with a different type of problem? There is no point in passing a CDL Test in Chicago if no company will hire this individual. The good news is that a serious shortage of truck drivers has led to companies being more willing to accommodate workers with certain disabilities. They may hire workers with learning disabilities who have trouble reading satellite-fed directions on computer screens and let those drivers communicate exclusively by phone. The federal government now allows hearing-impaired individuals to work as truck drivers. Even an individual who has lost a hand, foot or limb may qualify as a truck driver with a special certificate. This person must demonstrate the ability to operate the vehicle skillfully and safely.

A school that prepares students for the CDL Test in Chicago can answer questions about the level of physical ability needed to do this type of work. For instance, Star Truck Driving School is eager to speak with prospective students and help them get started with this career. For more information on this particular organization, visit the website Domain.

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