Ride With Style

Ride With StyleThey are the fastest and sleekest modes of transportation over short or even long distances. Depending on the make of the motorcycles, there are a variety of models that can take you whizzing past the traffic.

From the lowly moped to the ultra sleek and macho models of today, we have seen it all. Motorcycles or bikes as they are more popularly known these days are a symbol of youth and carefree demeanor. However, motorcycles have also been known to be the vehicles of the worst kinds of accidents. The reason being that riders get the rush of adrenaline when they ride their beasts of speed. Another reason for fatal crashes of bikes more than cars or other four wheelers is that bikers do not obey rules with regards to wearing helmets. In some countries, it is found that even helmet wearing riders have met fatal deaths and forensics point to careless riding. On further investigation, it may be found that they were talking incessantly on their mobiles which were tucked safely inside the helmets.

Motorcycles have also found in a niche in many countries as beasts of burden that make even inaccessible roads accessible. They make it easy for people to get things of daily need to the remotest doorsteps, faster than any other vehicle that are used in these terrain. These two wheel wonders have been faithful companions of civilization since the last 100 years or so. Not just in maritime but in wars and times of unrest too.

Thus, motorcycles are a class of vehicles that have always been around and will continue to be of utility to man whether it is in the city, the rural areas or cross country events that take place across the world in the years to follow. An ideal vehicle for the rough and tumble of some grueling terrains in the world.


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