Tips On Car Service In Tulsa

Car owners have to realize that all parts of their cars have to be maintained whether by them or by a Car Service Tulsa. Everything from the tires to the vital parts of the engine are important. Speaking of tires, there are certain things that people can do to protect their tires. For one, when buying replacement tires, always get the extended warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t really cover much and leaves most people disappointed. Without an extended warranty, basically only defects are covered. With an extended warranty, a driver doesn’t have to spend as much money to replace the tire if it gets a nail in it or is damaged by a pothole.

It’s important for car owners to realize that they have to go to a Car Service Tulsa even when things aren’t wrong with their cars. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who show up at Tate Boys Tire & Service in Tulsa and other auto shops only when things go wrong. Going to an auto shop when things are going great with a car is called preventative maintenance. This is when a car’s oil gets changed and fluids are checked. If fluids need to be replaced, they are replaced. Tires can be rotated to extend tire life. Brakes can be examined to make sure everything is working fine.

If people want their cars to last, they have to be careful about how they drive. People who speed are putting an extreme amount of stress on their cars. Fast acceleration can overload both the transmission and the engine. Over time, this can cause problems. In certain cases, slamming down on the gas pedal has actually caused blown engines. Blown engines can happen to people who avoid preventative maintenance and also like to drive recklessly. Also, slowing down from excessive speeds places a great deal of stress on a car’s brakes. While traveling at high speeds, it’s also harder to see objects on the road. Badly damaged tires may result.

Owning a car comes with certain responsibilities. A driver must keep the car registered and insured. It’s also the owner’s responsibility to maintain the car. This means setting aside some money for preventative maintenance. In the long run, spending money on preventative maintenance will save an owner from having to spend on more expensive repairs. Click here for more information.


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