Top Reasons To Test Drive The Hyundai Accent

Many drivers in the Newark, NJ, area spend a considerable amount of time in their vehicle if they commute to work. Finding a compact, fuel-efficient type of vehicle to use on a daily basis makes long trips into the city and throughout the area much easier and more comfortable.

The Hyundai Accent in Newark, NJ is a perfect car for city and highway driving. It offers the latest in driver-assist and safety features while also offering a very reasonable price on all trim levels.

Fuel Economy and Cost of Ownership

For most car buyers in Newark, NJ, fuel economy and the cost of ownership of the vehicle after the purchase are two important considerations. The Hyundai Accent Newark NJ offers up to 33 miles per gallon in the city, which extends to 39-41 miles per gallon on the highway.

As a subcompact car with a range of driver-assist and safety features, it is also very reasonable to insure for typical drivers. The cost of ongoing maintenance of these vehicles is also low, and it is an extremely reliable vehicle on the road.

Interior Features

It is not uncommon for people to assume a subcompact vehicle has limited interior features and options. This is not true with the Hyundai Accent, which provides enough interior room to comfortably seat four or five adults. The trunk provides good cargo space, and the interior features several storage compartments.

The infotainment center is a standard 5-inch touchscreen with a 7-inch on the higher end trim levels. The safety features include available forward-collision, emergency braking, and other driver-assist features.


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